Welcome to Furniture Banks Canada

Welcome to the Furniture Bank Canada website

Dan Kershaw Executive Director Furniture Bank

Dan Kershaw

Executive Director, Furniture Bank

It is with great pleasure that I write the first post for this new website dedicated to spreading the word about the furniture bank movement in Canada.

As the movement has grown in Canada, and with currently 14 established furniture banks around the country, it is fitting that this website has come into existence so Canadians may learn about the vital work that furniture banks do in our community, and be encouraged to donate their furniture and housewares to their local furniture bank.

Furniture banks have evolved to become much more than simply a transfer of furniture from those who have, to those who don’t. The furniture bank movement is one of empowerment – of individuals transitioning out of homelessness, of women and children escaping abusive situations, of refugees and newcomers to Canada. Indeed, of anyone in need of a fresh start.

Last week, Furniture Bank (Toronto) played host to Municipal and Federal Representatives as the Government of Canada announced significant new funding to combat homelessness in Toronto, as part of a wider approach to improve the health and social well-being of vulnerable Canadians who are chronically and episodically homeless. The fact that this announcement took place at Furniture Bank’s Etobicoke premises was testament to furniture banks’ unique role in helping our clients cross the finish line of their transition out of homelessness. Having a furnished home ensures our clients achieve the dignity, security and stability associated with having a place to call home, which in turn has a positive, knock on effect in other areas of their life.

The time is right for all Canadians to realize they too can play a role in helping to alleviate homelessness. When you purchase new furniture, call your local furniture bank to remove your used furniture and get it to the tens of thousands of people leaving homelessness. Furniture Bank and our peers provide Canadians with an alternative to the traditional ‘junk removal’ service.

Your used furniture will change a life. Contact your local furniture bank today.

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